Caused by unemployment, perpetuated by the pandemic, eviction rates skyrocketed in 2020. MYAH, inspired by the lack of rent freezes and growing homelessness rate, connects those in need with those who can help. Make yourself at home, MYAH for short, is a home sharing app that allows people in need of shelter to stay with home owners for a few nights at a time to get them off of the streets as they continue their search for a job or housing. The host, connected  to the person in need through the spider web of social media, will open their home, couch, sofa, guest bed, or extra room to someone in need. 

Design Guidelines

Paper Prototypes and Preliminary Designs

Using paper prototypes to map out structure and content helps organize information, visualize hierarchy, and get a round of feedback before moving into the digital space. 

Final Design- Intro Screens

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